Why is the Champion Juicer NOT recommended to be used by itself?

The Champion can be used as a juicer or as a grinder simply by making a small change to the machines configuration. Using the stainless screen or the blank/solid plastic block.

The Champion by itself can be used as a juicer. Its operation presents a few problems if used as a one step juicer.

1) Once the juice  gravity drains through the  stainless screen at the bottom port of the juicer, it is difficult for the juicer to push out  semi dry pulp through  the front cone shaped restricted nozzle.  The pulp is being circulated inside its hub until it is expelled. This creates friction and  friction creates  heat. When  temperature of the juice  heats to about 110 degrees nutrient and  enzymes will degrade. Heat is the enemy of the juice, it kills the beneficial enzymes. Also you will notice that your juice is  warm and has chalky taste. But what you don't see is that it has less enzymes and nutrition in it.

2)  The pulp that comes out of the machine still contain lots of juice. With out a presser you have no other way of extracting it and  good juice is wasted.

What will the hydraulic press machine do?  Why is the two step juicing better?

If you purchased a hydraulic press machine, you need to convert your Champion to a grinder simply by removing the stainless screen and installing the solid plastic cover. This part comes  with the Champion.
This will block the bottom port, not allowing  the juice to separate from the pulp during the grinding process
The Champion only grinds fruits and vegetables into a paste. The Champion is an excellent  grinder because it tears/cuts the cell walls and fibers apart, allowing the fibers to release their juice.

Because the juice stays with the pulp during grinding, the pulp becomes soft, apple sauce like consistency paste. This paste will easily flow through the front nozzle without being congested inside the grinder’s hub. The juice/pulp  will not heat up.
This paste/pulp is wrapped in juice cloth and  placed into the hydraulic press machine.

The hydraulic presser will compress the pulp with up to 4000 pound of force, squeezing all juice out of the pulp.

Can the juice be stored?

The juice should be made fresh and consumed right after pressing. Once the juice exposed to air it will start oxidizing. Water, heavier solids and sugar will separate.

When juice is not consumed right after pressing its usefulness can be extended by  storing it  a bottle, filling the bottle to the top not allowing air to remain in the bottle.

Option 2: Bottles with vacuum pump top can also remove air from the bottle slowing the oxidation process.





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